Client Reviews

Don’t Take Just our Word For it


What struck me most about Lydia when I first met her was her amazing warmth and friendliness. She is so smiley and cheerful that being coached by her instantly lifts you. She has a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm for helping and empowering people.

Throughout the programme, I had weekly video calls with Lydia, who offered unfailing encouragement and support and was always happy to answer my questions. Lydia seemed genuinely delighted by the progress I made, which spurred me on more.

What better person to act as your life coach than Lydia who has a real zest for life herself and is committed to empowering others to reach their fullest potential.

Alison Cruickshank


How to sum up Lydia's coaching? It’s her sense of understanding and ability to get to the nub of an issue but in a tactful and empathetic manner which is beyond intuitive. Lydia you are amazing!

Shirley Reid


Lydia and I have worked together for many years on a wide variety of projects.  Her leadership skills are to be admired and she has a real talent for training and coaching. I would recommend her for all of these reasons.

Sara Osborne